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Greenville Bollards Installation & Repair is your bollard installation and repair company serving Forest Acres, including the following Riverside, Sans Souci, Sampson, Montague, Pleasant Valley, Pinehurst, Greenville, Leawood, Buxton, University Heights, Paris, Timberlake, Lake Forest, Orchard Park, Wade Hampton, Kingsgate.

We have over 29+ years of experience installing parking lot and safety bollards.

Some of the facilities where we perform bollard repair:

Interior warehouse bollard installation

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Benefits of Steel Bollards

If your parking lot needs security, safety and protection from unauthorized vehicles, pipe bollards serve as a strong deterrent. These sturdy, steel posts are placed to create a physical barrier that will stop cars from entering and protect your assets from damage. 

Parking lot pipe bollards are placed in strategic locations. They can protect pedestrians, buildings, and other property from being struck by a vehicle. They serve as visible and physical deterrents.

Some of the benefits of steel, parking lot (pipe) bollards include:

Protecting Assets: Pipe bollards are most frequently used to protect valuable assets and infrastructure. This can include electrical transformers and communications equipment, in addition to gas utilities and fire protection equipment.

Preventing Accidents: When drivers see a row of parking lot bollards,, they are less likely to take a shortcut through a parking lot. This helps reduce pedestrian and vehicular accidents on your property.

Reducing Vandalism: Steel pipe bollards can serve as a deterrent to vandals (less likely to damage property, knowing that it is well-protected).Traffic Control: Pipe bollards help control traffic flow in a parking lot. By installing bollards, you can direct drivers and keep them from going where they are not supposed to.

If you are looking for a bollard installation or repair company in Forest Acres or in the surrounding area, then look no further than Greenville Bollards Installation & Repair. We are trusted and top-rated experts that are ready to help you with your safety bollard projects. Contact us today with any questions or request a FREE quote!

What size bollards are available?

Parking lot (safety) bollards are available in a variety of sizes, with 6″ diameter being the most common size. They are typically installed 48″ above grade and 36″ in the ground.

What color bollards are available?

We are able to paint your bollards to any color, with safety yellow being the most common (red, black and brown are also very common colors). In addition to painting, we are also able to supply decorative vinyl covers in different colors and designs.

How long do bollards last?

With a little bit of maintenance (painting) and assuming they are not struck by a vehicle, bollards can last over 30 years.

What does the bollard installation involve?

The property owner is responsible for pre-marking the location of the installation and having any underground utilities or infrastructure located and marked. Our process involves cutting a hole in the pavement, down to the proper depth. The steel bollards are placed and filled with concrete. Finally, the bollard will be painted or covered with a vinyl sleeve.


Greenville Bollards Installation & Repair works hard to provide high quality bollard services to Forest Acres and the surrounding areas.

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